As a freelancer you create - great apps, unique styles, outstanding writing, cool designs, distinctive websites. Whatever it is you do, you're great at doing it.

The problem you face is that no matter how good you are at what you do, there's always the admin. Whether it’s chasing up payments, protecting your intellectual property, or dealing with tax issues, it's not exciting. It's boring, it's non-productive and it eats into either your fee-earning time or your free time.

On top of that, you need to market yourself, manage your accounts, and negotiate your rates. And you need to make sure you’re working and earning as much as possible – so you really can’t be ill or be called away for jury service without a dip in your income.

Here’s where we come in. At IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, we can support you and let you do what you do best. We can connect you with specialists across all those issues, as well as give you some really great additional benefits, like 15% off Adobe Creative Cloud, free access to workspaces across London, and regular networking opportunities. Find out more about our membership benefits here.

Join IPSE for just £15.47 per month, and minimise the time you spend doing the boring stuff to maximise the time doing what you enjoy and what you are good at. 


Special offers for IPSE Members

adobe creative
Creative Cloud - Every creative app, reimagined. Every asset — including access to new Adobe Stock images — at your fingertips. And everything connected, so you can create amazing work anywhere.
Just £38.88/month


adobe creative cloud photography plan
Perfect your photography, anytime, anywhere. Capture the moment on camera. Then edit, enhance and perfect your photography on mobile or desktop with essential photography tools from Adobe.
Just £6.85/month


Media Training Ltd, Public courses
Media Training Ltd. Are the largest Adobe, Apple and Quark authorised training centre in the UK, offering specialist short training courses on over 200 subjects including design, 3D, web, video, writing, business and marketing. Up your skills and get more work with specialist discounted training!


Membership Plans - Pricing and Highlights



£12.89 + VAT per month
£154.73 + VAT per year

£20.64 + VAT per month
£247.65 + VAT per year


Freelancer Moneybox, Wednesday 11 January from 6pm

Freelancer Moneybox – is one of IPSE’s flagship events, designed to give financial guidance and advice to independent professionals. 

Insurance Healthcheck Webinar, Tuesday 17 January from 12.30pm

IPSE will be joined by specialist contractor insurance providers Kingsbridge to help make sure you are ‘match-fit’ when it comes to your business insurance.

Proactive, Empowered and Confident Freelancing, Monday 13 March from 10.30

|This event is designed for museum freelancers offering an insightful, valuable and practical day of training and networking, at London Canal Museum